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Welcome to the
75th Anniversary
of the roll-out of the:
(and all of its many variants)


This magnificent Picture is displayed with the permission of Rob Neil
- Commercial Pilot - Aviation Photographer - Artist -
for additional information about his work see our professional section

December 17, 1935

The Douglas Aircraft Company rolled out,
and flew the Legendary DC-3!

The DC-3 in this single event, with all its variants, has rippled through the Aviation World for over 70 years. Competing designers have proclaimed the demise of this valiant workhorse, with each new aluminum show plane, but to no avail.

The DC-3/C-47/R4D/Dakota and its many other variants, has touched the lives of people from every country in the World, and from Pole to Pole. The DC-3 was designed to do the work of the world then -- and the DC-3 is still at it!

A new group of DC-3 fans are now retracing the path of history, and the DC-3/C-47/R4D/Dakota is there to greet them, and share a "Spirit of Aviation" that has crossed both generational and financial barriers to capture the heart of those that love aviation as a way of life, and not simply a occupation!

These web pages, which are the labor of love, dedicated to the DC-3/C-47/R4D/Dakota,and all its variants, and all those who admire this venerable craft.

Animated DC-3 Around The World

This GIF was created by Don Incoll from Australia.